Friday, 1 March 2013

Backstage Shots.

These backstage shots will be part the Eastern Angel Prints... Soon to be Released...

Tom Fraud Photography

To me, these look like art prints. I find backstage shots, less posed, more real and sometimes more beautiful to look at.. purely for the realistic qualities to them. 

Its interesting to see the team behind the finished images, to see all the roles and teamwork it takes to create one perfect photograph.
We shot these images in Downtown Los Angeles, in front of the famous Eastern Building. 

The photographer in the images is Tom Fraud, represented by production company Factory 311.
CLICK for Tom Fraud's Website

The backstage pictures are by fashion photographer, Larsen Sotelo.
CLICK for Link to Larsen Sotelo Website

I see memories when i look at images like this, and know that i'll see even more when i look at them in 20 or 40 years time..

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